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About Us

At pcFORMANCE, we treat your systems like they're our systems. If you have a problem, then we have a problem. If you have an urgency, we have an urgency. We exist to keep our clients systems running well, and we take pride when they do.

Unlike many technology service firms, pcFORMANCE does NOT resell hardware or software. We earn our keep only by what we DO for you. So we are not biased and encumbered by vendors pressuring us to sell you their product. We recommend the products that we believe are the best for you.

That said, pcFORMANCE does have preferred relationships with vendors like Dell. We believe Dell's business-line of products are ideally suited for most of our clients, so the product is right. And because we do so much business with Dell, we get a substantial discount, which we pass on to our clients. It's a win-win for all. But if a client has a preference for an equally good but different brand, we're happy to use it - we've nothing to gain or lose, except a satisfied client.

pcFORMANCE welcomes the opportunity to be your technology service provider of choice!

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