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Backups are a given. But do you know what's even more important? RESTORATIONS! Some reports suggest the failure rate of traditional tape backups is as high as 50%. That might be exaggerated, but coupled with the failure of the human element (i.e. forgetting to change the tape) it's probably not far off. There are two big issues with traditional backups: How do I know if it backed up everything, and how long does it take to get back in business?

Advancements in backup/restoration technology have given way to a new type of backup.  It’s cost effective, completely automated, thorough, allows very fast restorations, and emails us nightly reports. We get a "complete" backup of ALL files and we can get you back in operation within a couple of hours. For complete disaster recovery, we use the Internet to backup critical data, encrypted of course, and we even give you a device to take home that contains a copy of your entire system. And, yes,that's encrypted too.

If you're not sure about your backups, let pcFORMANCE review this new technology with you.

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