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Viruses and spyware and spam, oh my! This is no longer a bunch of geeks trying to get attention. It is now a criminal enterprise estimated at over $100 billion a year. What are they after? Personal and financial data: identity theft, credit cards, social security numbers. Anything they can use to get into your bank account.

An unprotected PC can be silently compromised in just seconds, allowing a hacker complete access to the computer without you knowing. It is critical that your systems are kept patched, and protected by the latest tools, especially so if your systems contain confidential customer or patient data.

It's also important that your network is secure. Wireless access is typically an open door to your network and data. A properly configured network allows users to share documents, share printers, consolidate data for backups, but has reduced points of entry that are each secured and protected.

If you're uncertain about your level of protection, pcFORMANCE can review your systems. Protection varies by price, feature, and performance, and some even cause more trouble than their worth, but we can tell you which solution will best suit your needs.

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